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It is not just a nickname; it is an attitude for us all. For people that believe they have just as much style and electricity as any celebrity. Comfort within your own skin with just enough flash to make your own signature of unique creativity. It is about passion! Whether love for what you do, where you are, or who you want to be. An undeniable force saying to the world that you love your life, and make no apologies for it! It is about everything from a 3-piece suit to a full sleeve of tattoos. It isnt about shock value but not necessarily about playing by the rules either. It IS corporate America, AND an alternative lifestyle. It has nothing to do with your race, religion, skin color, creed, occupation, gender or sexuality. And yet, it has everything to do with it. It is all that you are today, and exactly how you want to share that with the world. The Edge is not just who I am it is each and every one of us!

So, the next time life overwhelms you, and that person who stares back at you in the mirror is just lacking - or you have just about had it with the limitations and expectations that life has put on you... Come to the man who is as one-of-a-kind as you are. Sit back, relax, and smile knowing that you are finally in the hands of Omahas best who will help you create an image as unique as you.

Now you know why they say: "Don't let life push you to The Edge ... Go Looking for It!"

~The Edge

Scott "The Edge" Wilson has been a cosmetologist for over 25 years. During that time, he's been a stylist, retailer, trainer, artist, manager, and even an owner to his own salon in the Omaha Metro area. He has enjoyed being an educator/platform artist for thousands in his profession, and was the Midwest Regional Artistic trainer for the Regis Corporation, and for Opal Concepts, the 2 largest salon chains in the world. Scott has been a product educator for Nexxus, Fudge, Nioxin, and KMS, flying coast to coast doing platform work and hair shows. He was trained as a Color Educator for Wella, which is the same color line he currently uses. Up to this point in his career, he has done almost everything his industry has to offer but work on set for a major motion picture or Broadway performance. Currently, he is back to doing what he truly loves to do, fashion shows including our amazing Omaha Fashion Week, photo shoots from glamour to couture, and hair for his wonderful clients, fans, and friends.

"I feel truly blessed to have a continually changing and ever evolving occupation. I love what I do and look forward to what lies ahead. I believe that a person's look and hairstyle is a great deal of their identity. And though that look may change depending on mood, maturity, or even milestones in one's life, it is up to me to make sure you always feel your best!"

So what is The Edge!?

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